Enforcement Analytics can serve the needs of your agency on an ad hoc or ongoing basis. The following is a list of the core services we can provide for your department, in addition to custom requests for data or analysis. 

Crime Mapping
Detailed maps of your jurisdiction with rich information designed to give you the data you need, Illustrating crime trends, problem areas, and areas needing additional resources.

Statistical/Topic Reports
Detailed reports based on whatever data is available for your Officers, such as Use of Force, Traffic Crash locations, and Burglary.

Annual Reports
Annual reports are often a simple description of the various programs a police agency has, or contain some tables with statistics for the year. Enforcement Analytics can merge your information into a document that communicates your message to your citizens and tell your story. Annual reports can be an opportunity to explain what your agency has been doing over the past year and its successes.

Investigative Bulletins
A bulletin is a time tested method to highlight ongoing criminal activity in your area that you feel the need to communicate to other agencies, the media, or other organizations. Enforcement Analytics creates information-rich bulletins that convey what needs to be known about your problem.

POP Project Analysis/Planning
Problem-Oriented Policing is a proven strategy to reduce specific problems in communities. Enforcement Analytics will assist in the planning, organization, and analysis to develop and implement a POP project.

Needs Assessments
Telling people you have a need for something is not as effective as showing them the need. Enforcement Analytics can use your data to highlight and put your agency’s needs into context, such as the need for a new jail or updating equipment.



When change needs to happen within an organization, a set of fresh eyes with years of experience can help support and guide decision making. Some changes only happen once a decade, and having a group of knowledgeable and skilled law enforcement professionals that engage in these processes regularly can maximize the return on your investment. 

RMS selection

The selection of a new records management program (RMS) for your Officers to write reports can be a challenging process. The needs of your Officers, Records staff, and Evidence personnel must be balanced to meet the needs of your department. Enforcement Analytics can help inform and guide this process, assessing your needs and developing a range of options your command staff can consider.

Process Improvements

Technology and legislation are constantly changing the work of law enforcement, and processes need to change with them. From altering the workflow of a records department to updating the way reports are submitted to the District Attorney, our staff has a breadth of knowledge and experience making recommendations for process changes and improvements.

Technical solutions

As technology evolves so too does its complexity and capabilities. With a wide range of software packages available to suit the needs of law enforcement as a whole, Enforcement Analytics can make the process of selecting and implementing a new system much easier for your department. 

Crime Analysis Program Implementation 

Are you looking to create a new crime analysis program? Are you planning on changing your hiring practices for future analysts? 

The State of Oregon does not have a training program for crime analysts through DPSST, leaving most analysts to create their own training program. This lack of formal training can lead to uneven knowledge and practices across the State, relying on each individual analyst to continue their education. Enforcement Analytics can assist your agency in crafting a program to meet the needs of your department for years to come.

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