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RMS selection
The selection of a new records management program (RMS) for your Officers to write reports can be a challenging process. There are many needs to consider, from your Officers to records staff to evidence, a balance must be struck to meet the needs of your department.

Enforcement Analytics can help inform and guide this process, assessing your needs and developing a range of options your command staff can consider. Process improvements Detailed information here Technical solutions Detailed information here
Crime Analysis Program Implementation.

Are you looking to create a new crime analysis program? Are you planning on changing your hiring practices for future analysts? Both scenarios are familiar territory for our staff and can assist your agency in crafting a program to meet the needs of your department for years to come. 

The State of Oregon does not have a training program for crime analysts through DPSST, leaving most analysts to create their own training program. This lack of formal training can lead to uneven knowledge and practices across the State, relying on each individual analyst to continue their education.

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